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Staff Philosophy

The Behavior Analysts and direct care staff at Strong Foundations support the development of all children. They share in their belief that ALL children provided with Strong Foundations, such as mastery and fluency in prerequisite skills, will be able to keep moving forward in becoming participating and functional members of their communities. At Strong Foundations, we approach each child as an individual with their strengths and one-of-a-kind needs.

The staff of Strong Foundations CT

Executive Clinical Director & Founder

Aydrien L. Cathcart profile picture

Aydrien L. Cathcart

Executive Clinical Director / ABA Preschool Director

Administrative Staff

Christine McMahon profile picture

Christine McMahon

Intake Administrator

Strong Foundations Department Chairs

Patricia Szafir profile picture

Patricia Szafir

Supervisor of Counseling Services

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Maryssa Edele


Anamaria Arteaga profile picture

Anamaria Arteaga

Quality Assurance / Training Coordinator

Andrew Castillo profile picture

Andrew Castillo

Safety Instructor

ABA Services

Yana Grigoryeva profile picture

Yana Grigoryeva

Clinical Supervisor

Hannah Horan profile picture

Hannah Horan

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Kristin Stoeke profile picture

Kristin Stoeke

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Nathan Gorgone profile picture

Nathan Gorgone

Team Building Coordinator / Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Jacob Castillo profile picture

Jacob Castillo

Media Coordinator

Educational Services

Catarena Cathcart profile picture

Catarena Cathcart

Special Education Teacher / Lion Cubs Instructor

Vanessa Torres profile picture

Vanessa Torres

Preschool Teacher

Karin Byrne profile picture

Karin Byrne

Preschool Teacher

Kristen Evans profile picture

Kristen Evans

Preschool Teacher

Jessica Baldera profile picture

Jessica Baldera

Kindergarten Co-Instructor

Ashley Hansen profile picture

Ashley Hansen

Kindergarten Co-Instructor

Dyson Cryer profile picture

Dyson Cryer

Gym Teacher

Kimmy Farrell profile picture

Kimmy Farrell

Music Therapist

Counseling Services

Shaylyn Young profile picture

Shaylyn Young

Counselor / Social Skills and Afterschool Coordinator / Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Occupational Therapy

Jaclyn Inzalaco profile picture

Jaclyn Inzalaco

Occupational Therapist

Therapy Pets

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Therapy Pet

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