Providing Evidence-Based Programming Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Strong Foundations prides itself on providing evidence-based applied behavior analytic services (ABA) to individuals with autism spectrum disorders and related disabilities. Children are provided with individualized instruction, interventions, and support to meet their specific needs best. Also, allowing us to effectively meet the child's current needs as well as optimize their opportunities to obtain an active, independent, and productive adolescent and adult life.

Strong Foundations services include:

  • ABA therapy; developmental, language, social and behavioral assessment
  • Individual, Family and Marriage Counseling (CBT)
  • Speech and Language
  • Occupational Therapy

We offer ABA services in a variety of settings, including:

  • Center-based social skills clubs
  • Integrated ABA preschool and kindergarten programs
  • Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT)
  • Various community-based ABA supports

We place a strong focus on the application of skills across diverse settings and social groups. One of our goals is that ALL children develop the ability to use the skills taught, not only throughout their daily lives but also to maintain them for their lifetimes.

Center-based ABA

Center-Based ABA Sessions

Our Center-Based ABA sessions allow children to practice their emerging skills within one on one and small group settings. Programs offered include Integrated ABA Preschool and Kindergarten programs.

Social skills classes

Social Skills Clubs

Our after-school program for grades 1-12 targets a wide range of necessary skills for children to participate in the social world effectively.

Counseling & Diagnostics

Counseling & Diagnostics

Strong Foundations offers individual, family, and marriage counseling services.

Coming soon: Autism diagnostics will be a part of our Clinical Health Division. Stay tuned for more information.

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