Social Skills Clubs

We are pleased to offer The Lions Pride Social Skills Program. Our Social Skills Club Program has been successfully implemented in multiple school districts throughout Connecticut and has been well received at national conferences in both CA and GA.

"Little Paws"           Preschool age
"Lion Cubs"            Kindergarten / Grade 1
"Lions Pride"          Grades 2/3
"Mane Attraction"  Upper Elementary

A wide range of social skills are addressed that are necessary for children to effectively participate in the social world, beginning with the prerequisite or foundational skills.

Skills addressed at group club meetings are broken down into 3 categories:

  • Basic observational skills and responding to imitation/parallel play
  • Turn taking/sharing and basic conversation skills/commenting
  • Higher level social skills, including reading nonverbal cues and building complex conversational skills

Club placement is based on your child's current social skill set, social skill assessments, and ongoing data collection throughout each session. Ongoing data collections drives future goals and objectives, as well as placement within the clubs. This allows every child the opportunity to participate in a group with peers working toward similar social goals.

All Social Skills Clubs are comprised of the following:

  •  Skill-focused curriculum with instruction based on the principles of ABA and evidence-based teaching methods
  • Clubs composed by child’s grade and common social goals
  • Clearly defined social goals for each child with ongoing data collection on progress
  • Reinforcement system to promote engagement in club lesson and social goals progress
  • Mastery criteria for social goals
  • Self-monitoring of social goals during club meetings
  • Small Groups sizes of 3 to 5 peers per club
  • Home Connection: Keeps parents involved to promote carryover of social skills outside of club meetings.


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