Counseling & Diagnostics

Strong Foundations is expanding its services to offer a Clinical Health division delivering on-site counseling and diagnostics for both children and parents. All counseling and diagnostics sessions will be led by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and will be available by appointment during normal business hours. We will begin accepting appointments this fall for family and individual therapy as well as Autism diagnostic testing. 

At Strong Foundations our mission continues to be providing support for both individuals and families affected by autism.  The Clinical Health division now allows us to expand our services to include individuals and their families affected by other mental health disorders i.e. Anxiety, Depression,  ADD/ADHD, Adjustment D/O and similar behavioral based disorders.

We acknowledge the unique challenges and stressors that can be experienced by individuals and families affected by these disorders, including but not limited to social constraints and daily demands. By providing both behavioral and emotional supports as well as the ability to work with community partners and providers, Strong Foundations is now better able to provide wrap around services for families in order to enhance the support for all.


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Now that you've reviewed the services we offer, ask any questions, and contact us to get your child moving forward with Strong Foundations!