Small Group ABA Sessions

The purpose of our Center Based ABA sessions, is to allow children to practice their skills within a small group setting.  Once your child has mastered skills in their 1-to-1 ABA session, our goal is to have them apply the skills with their peers. This program is offered to children participating in our In-Home ABA program, as well as a separate ABA service.

Preschool ABA Programming

Strong Foundations is so excited about our new fall programming! We will now be offering year-round center-based ABA sessions for preschool aged children. This new service is available Monday thru Friday with half-day and full day options. The goal of this program is to allow our children for continuous and consistent services throughout the school year. For children participating in our Half-Day Option, school district collaboration is offered to foster the carryover of skills and progress.

Social Skills Clubs

For school aged children, we offer social skills clubs as an after-school and Saturday morning program. In social skills clubs, our children work on social communication skills, team building, friendship development, and coping with unexpected outcomes in a non-judgmental atmosphere. All children are given 1-on-1 support to reinforce their specific social skills goals.

Click here for more information on our social skills clubs.

As always the development and supervision of programming is provided by a BCBA. In the interest in providing 1-on-1 attention to each child, spaces are limited. Call today!

Incorporated in your child’s program:

  • Functional & Cooperative Play

  • Functional Communication Training

  • Social Skills Development

  • Independent Daily Living Skills

  • Development of Coping Strategies

School Year Sessions:

Preschool ABA Schedule

  • Monday thru Friday
    • Half-Day Option       9am to 12pm
    • Full-Day Option        9am to 330pm
    • Extended Hours*        8am to 9am & 330pm to 430pm
       *available upon request
  • Saturday Mornings          9am to 12pm

School Age Schedule  

  • Monday thru Friday        4pm to 530pm

  • Saturday Mornings          9am to 12pm

Summer Sessions:

Preschool thru Grade 3

  • Monday thru Thursday  
    • Half-Day Option       9am to 12pm
    • Full-Day Option        9am to 330pm 


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